Pycon Day 1

I’m surprised at the number of people here. I’m not surprised at all at the number of Macs.
Keynote – Alexander Limi & Alan Runyan from Plone
Talked about three organizations that are using Plone, and about the “software middle class” that python is creating. Plone is good for multilingual sites. Showed a “very scientific” graph of the amount of time it takes to set up Plone vs. other CMSs. One Plone developer is a prince. With a castle. Plone is an idea more than a piece of software. Having a good out-of-the-box experience is key to getting the software middle class.

Python for S60 – Matt Croydon

Project started at Nokia, released as open source. Can get things done in >100 lines of code. Lots of libs, apis available. Some really polished apps available.

Python in the Enterprise – David Stanek and Mike Pirnat from American Greetings

“Python doesn’t scale” is a common claim, AG thinks it scales fine. 760,000 lines of code, 90M page views/day, 1.7Gb/s sustained at peak times. “Scales as well as you can design”

The State of Dabo – Ed Leafe

Dabo is a desktop application framework, created by two former Microsoft users who didn’t like the way Microsoft developement platforms were heading. 3-tier application framework. DB layer is easy, UI is complicated. Chose wx because it was the best looking, mature, and stable. dabo.ui is a GUI api that is glued to wx. Dabo.ui is more pythonic than wx. Targetting the VisualC++/VisualBasic market. Assumes that you have a database, and want to write applications to use that database. Uses ReportLab to generate reports.

History and Origins of Python – Guido

Cool, but I didn’t take notes 🙁

Django – Adrian Holovaty

Django was developed at World Online – newspaper online department in Lawrence, KS. Used there for very in-depth local content. Deeply cross-linked sites. One slide said just “Pictures of drunk sorority girls” 🙂 Goals: 1. Develop sites fast. 2. Content and structure can be changed quickly and easily.

The Stack: URL Dispatcher;Database wrapper;Template system;Admin framework;Pain relievers.

1. Design URLs. URLs are decoupled from business logic

2. Use admin tool to add content

3. Create views = methods that respond to requests and return an HttpResponse

TurboGears – Mark Ramm

CherryPy – Maps requests to python methods

Kid – Templating

Mochikit – JavaScript library

SQLObject – Object-Relational mapper based on the Active Record Pattern (note-look that pattern up)

At this point, I got tired and stopped taking notes.

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