iPod Shuffle box headphone amp

Picture of Amplifier

Sometime after Make magazine Volume 4 came out, I built the circuit board for a CMoy headphone amplifier. I tried to fit the amp in an altoids tin as the article suggested, but with the larger capacitors I used it was just a little too big. I put the completed board aside for a while, until a friend bought an iPod shuffle. The clear plastic box the iPod came in proved to have plenty of room for the CMoy. I just wish I’d been a little more organized with the wiring.

Headphone jack

Image of shuffle box from: http://flickr.com/photos/thenextweb/285559966/

8 thoughts on “iPod Shuffle box headphone amp

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  2. A suggestion I found when making a couple of these is: on the input (stereo) jack – try & use a ‘switched’ version of the jack (the kind that would ordinarily disconnect a speaker when a headphone is plugged in).
    connect these ‘unplugged-side’ pins to ground. This has the effect of grounding the inputs to the op amp until you jack-in. The jack doesn’t hum when your hand touches it or before you have plug fully inserted.

    Mike Yancey
    Dallas, Texas

  3. Question to Mike Yancey, where can one find these sort of “switched” jacks? Do you have a part # from digi-key/mouser/rs/farnell??

    Would like to see it.

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  6. christopher: I don’t know if the nano case would work, I haven’t seen one. You’d probably have to have the case and the parts of the amp in front of you, and see if you can come up with a layout that works.

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